How to achieve your goals, put simply.

Sharon Rush

For whatever reason, many of us have likely found 2020 to be more challenging than we had anticipated. The whole world has been plunged into an entirely unique scenario, and none of us really know what’s around the corner.

Without doubt, your life will have changed and whether for good or bad, it’s probable that you’re in uncharted waters right now. My life change came in the form of redundancy. I was called into a (virtual) meeting, at 4pm on a Tuesday and just like that, I was out of a job…

After a few thoughtful days, I realised that I had to turn this into a positive. I had been given freedom and opportunity, but to make the most of it, I needed a plan.

I decided that I would reach out to a friend – who is also a Coach – to see what she would recommend. Throughout our lives, its inevitable that there will be challenges to navigate and speaking with a Coach can offer many helpful ways of finding solutions. Rather than a Therapist, who will offer ways to overcome past hurts, perhaps, or a Mentor who will offer wisdom based on experience, Coaches will ask the right questions so you can find the answers within you. This is exactly what I needed.

I worked with my Coach and she introduced me to the G-R-O-W model; a simple framework that can help to understand your challenges properly and help identify what your next steps should be, to reach a solution.

Below, you will find a summary of the different steps of the process.

“G” – Goals

A coach will traditionally ask what you want to achieve and when do you want to achieve it by and I used this exercise, to think about what I’m truly passionate about and how I can do that one thing, more.

“R” – Reality.

Once my goal had been established, I needed to think more practically about how I could achieve it. Who can help me get there, what kind of support do I need and how will I handle any setbacks I encounter?

“O” – Options.

The next stage prompted me to think about three or four routes that will get me to where I want to be. This is a great exercise if you can also weigh up the pros and cons of each route. Thinking about what is feasible based on your resources is crucial.

“W” – Will / way forward.

And finally, ‘will’. This was about proving how committed I am to the goals I had established and what could be done to increase that commitment. I personally decided to share my goals with some of my closest friends, and that made it more real. Suddenly, it was more than a fleeting thought in my head, I was saying these dreams out loud for people to hear.

Though many people will have been made redundant in recent times, this technique is not specific to my situation. You might be looking to upskill yourself, develop your individual skillset, get a promotion, overcome other life challenges, or even become a Coach yourself.

Everything we want to do is achievable with the right support and direction, we just need the outright drive to go and do it. And when that opportunity presents itself, seize it with everything you’ve got.

This blog post has been written by Alexander Mills, trusted advisor at The Skillset Set Group.